Snow Removal

Snow and Ice Shoveling, Plowing and Hauling

Steamboat Springs is blessed with an average of 335 inches of snow a year and residents are blessed with clearing it! Don’t wait until you arrive in Steamboat to shovel the snow from around your vacation home. 8 inches of powder snow quickly turns into a few inches of ice when left on your deck, sidewalks and driveway. And the damage it leaves in it’s wake not only deflects from the beauty of your home, it reduces the value of your home.

As your Mountain Home Liaison, I am on-call to quickly remove snow from piling up around your home and in your driveway. If and when your roof needs to be cleared of heavy snow and ice dams, I will call in the professionals and monitor their work to make sure the job is done right.

Pricing: Select snow removal services included in monthly contract.
A La Carte Hourly rate: $45