Steamboat Springs Caretaker and Property Manager for Luxury Vacation Homes (not vacation rentals). Steamboat Springs Caretaker and Property Manager for Luxury Vacation Homes (not vacation rentals). Steamboat Springs Caretaker and Property Manager for Luxury Vacation Homes (not vacation rentals).

Caretaking and Property Management for Steamboat’s Most Luxurious Vacation Homes

Isn’t it time you spent your vacation, well, on vacation?

I am Chris Martin, your Mountain Home Liaison, and I can be your caretaker, property manager, snow removalist, security guard, handyman, housekeeper, lawn boy, hot tub hero, pest controller, and personal concierge…

If you own a luxury vacation home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – a home which you proudly preserve in a pristine condition exclusively for you and your guests (i.e. it’s not a vacation rental), then you need Chris, your Mountain Home Liaison.

Let’s face it, you can’t just lock the door and leave your multi-million dollar Steamboat Springs home unattended and expect it to be immaculate and even inhabitable when you return for your next family vacation.

We live in a place where extreme weather patterns wreak havoc, and the natural world seems determined to beat down the doors, to make our house their home. From frozen pipes, ice damns, and fallen trees to mice, chipmunks, squirrels, bats, flies (yes! we have flies in the Rockies), snakes (my personal least favorite critter), and bears. Oh the bears and their love of hot tubbing! (Seriously! I kid you not!)

Your vacation time is limited and precious. No one wants to spend holidays shoveling, painting, scrubbing… nor clearing out mousetraps!

  • Wouldn’t you like to arrive at the Steamboat/Hayden airport to your own car – sparkling clean, winterized, and registrations up-to-date so that state trooper that likes to hang out just outside the airport waves “Welcome!” rather than chasing you down?
  • Wouldn’t you like to arrive to our freshly plowed driveway, and a deck cleared of the 100 inches of snow that inundated not only the Steamboat Ski Area in the last 3 weeks?
  • Wouldn’t you like to arrive to the breathtaking surprise of Christmas lights strung up, and last summer’s renovations exactly as you imagined, and spotlessly cleaned up?
  • Don’t you just long to plunge into a hot hot tub (because a “penguin plunge” is not meant to be fun)!
  • After a long day of travel, wouldn’t you like to just crawl into freshly cleaned sheets – without having to make the beds, vacuum etc. etc. etc.?

A sampling of services:

I champion proactive property management, always planning ahead to prevent problems and ensuring every square inch of your home is in tip-top condition at all times.

I perform maintenance inspections of my clients’ homes at least twice a week, customized to accommodate your property’s needs, and each homeowners’ preferences. I am here to monitor and maintain your home, and I’m minutes away if trouble arises.

  • Walk interior and exterior perimeter to monitor pest activity and leaks
  • Fire Protection System check
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Security checks: Lighting and outdoor security adequate:
  • Winter: Shovel decks, sidewalks etc.
  • Summer: Water plants, lawn maintenance
  • Vehicle up-keep and winterization
  • Hot tub maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Trash and recycling
  • Oversee construction projects, including progress reports so you are never left in the dark!
  • Airport Transportation: Car delivered and collected from Steamboat/Hayden Airport (HDN)
  • Honey-Do Drive-time (parcel, dry cleaning pick-up etc.)
  • Concierge Services: Booking restaurants and activities

If you would like a personalized quote for your home, contact Chris Martin: