Steamboat Springs Caretaker and Property Manager for Luxury Vacation Homes (not vacation rentals).

Mountain Home Liaison Property Management and Caretaker Services

Do You Own A Vacation Home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado?

As your vacation home’s caretaker, I am committed to protecting and caring for your home by providing regular supervision, housekeeping, preventative maintenance and liaising with third party contractors to ensure the job is done right.

I provide personalized and attentive service. I regard the properties I manage with a deep sense of responsibility and personal pride.

What You DON’T Want:

To WORK On Your Vacation Home

You don’t want your pipes to freeze and flood your house. You don’t want your fridge to break and the stench to invite the local bears inside. You don’t want mice in your pantry and chipmunks in your hot tub, dead or alive. You don’t want to have to burrow through snow to get to your front door. You don’t want to have to make the beds before you finally rest. You don’t want to spend your vacation fixing, painting, pruning and patching up your vacation home.

What You DO Want:

A Squeaky Clean, Carefree Vacation Home.

When you come home to Steamboat Springs for your vacation, you deserve to walk into a spotless, well maintained home, set at the perfect temperature, stacked with firewood, and stocked with toilet tissue, hand soap and even groceries. You want a clean hot tub, a deck clear of snow and autumn leaves, and brimming with flowering pots. You expect your car to start and the TV to work.

What MORE Do You Want?

A Truly Relaxing Vacation.

When you arrive in Steamboat Springs, life is so much easier when you can be chauffeured from the airport to your vacation home in your own car. Your vacation starts so much sooner when your fridge and cellar are stocked, and dinner reservations are already made.

You Need Mountain Home Liaison!

I am Chris Martin, Your Mountain Home Liaison

I am your security guard, snow removalist, handyman, pool boy, lawn boy and pest controller! I can be your personal Steamboat concierge and chauffeur. Leave the honey-do list to me!